Training Programs

With good training programs and careful matching of ability, most people with disabilities can be gainfully employed.  The Career Development Department offers work experience and training to individuals to help them make the transition into community employment.  A vocational evaluation is performed to assess a person’s abilities, physical capacity and interests in order to identify their strengths as they relate to employment.  Job placement services and follow up employment supports on their job assist individuals to learn their job duties, follow the work routine and how to relate with co-workers and supervisors.

Food Service Employment Training

The Food Service Industry in Palm Beach County provides one of the greatest opportunities for participants in this program to secure and maintain employment in this field.  Individuals receive training  while assisting in the preparation of meals served daily in TJ’s  Café, a full-service cafeteria located on the main campus.  The individualized training develops skills that include food preparation, cooking, dishwashing, and cashiering while receiving the opportunity to obtain a Safe Food Handling Certificate.

Work Training and Production Area

Palm Beach Habilitation Center’s “Custom Production Solutions” provides men and women an opportunity to learn employment skills necessary to reach their highest level of independence.

Our Custom Production Solutions is able to provide the following types of work: custom and production line packaging (shrink wrapping, blister packaging, poly bagging and sealing, package labeling, and hand packaging), product assembly and office/miscellaneous services.

Technology Training

The INSPIRE Program incorporates the various ways that individuals interact and use technology throughout each day. Skills training is provided to prepare individuals to work with computers in their place of work. INSPIRE offers a self-paced program for learning MS Office, digital art, job search skills, and resume writing. Our classes include smartphone training, introductory coding, and typing skills.

Recognizing the importance of technology in the workplace and at home, the Center offers  a wide range of computer training classes that includes hardware to accommodate special needs, specific software applications.

Partnership with Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding

Palm Beach Habilitation Center’s youth program for students ages 14-21 in partnership with Vinceremos Therapeutic Riding Center will begin June 21, 2021. Students receive job exploration counseling, work-based learning experiences and workplace readiness training in a unique equestrian setting where the barn become the classroom. Individuals participate in an opportunity to learn by doing through equine assisted activities at Vinceremos’ 15-acre horse farm.

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