We believe that with good training and careful matching of ability with the needs of the local job market, most people with disabilities can be gainfully employed. Since 1959, Palm Beach Habilitation Center has been working with the business community to place people with disabilities into the competitive job market. Qualified and experienced staff provide career counseling, pre-employment skills training, job development placement, travel training and follow-along services to men and women seeking employment opportunities

Assessment and Testing

Palm Beach Habilitation Center partners with the State of Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation to provide assessment and testing of individuals who wish to work in order to determine their vocational interests, academic levels, aptitudes and work skills. A job development specialist assists each participant with resume, interviewing skills and completing job applications.

The Employee Development Training Program provides intensive skills training to participants in a time-limited transitional program aimed at addressing specific barriers to employment. The focus of this program is to identify and address areas in which participants need improvement in order to be ready for job development and placement activities. The program addresses behavioral, physical, and emotional barriers that would cause an individual to be unable to obtain or maintain employment in a competitive setting.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is provided to individuals if additional assistance is needed to maintain employment. These follow-along services are provided by an Employment Specialist on the job site to address specific needs identified by the employer or the employee served. The Employment Specialist is also available to assist the individual when job duties change or when issues arise between the individual and supervisor or co-workers. PBHC is proud that individuals who have been placed in community employment since 1992 have consistently maintained a 90% retention rate.